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May 31, 2017

Juice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid


How To Make Juice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid - Cholesterol and gout are diseases caused by unhealthy or balanced diet. Both health problems can affect anyone who consume foods with high fat content.

Juice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acidcan be made from fruits mixed with herbal ingredients. The boiled laurel leaves with hot water are known to have the benefits of herbal remedies, including for lowering cholesterol and high uric acid levels

Especially for uric acid disease, consumption of high amounts of protein can also trigger an increase in uric acid levels in the blood.

Purine is one part of the protein that can cause the formation of crystals in the form of salt in the joints if excessive intake. This buildup of crystals that will trigger inflammation of the joints such as knee joints, fingers, or other body parts.

Fruit juice To Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid

1. Apple
  • Apples are a source of vitamin C and also as a Juice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid, potassium, soluble fiber (pectin), and insoluble fiber. Pectin serves to form a gel in the gut that is useful to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol.
If the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body is reduced then levels in the blood will decrease gradually.

2. Carambola
  • In addition to watermelon, a fruit as a Juice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid that has a high water content is starfruit. Fluid intake is very important because it can help the metabolism of purine substances in the body. Of course you already understand if the substance of purine that accumulate will form uric acid crystals in the joints.
  • The use of bay leaves as herbal medicine is usually dried first so it becomes dry leaves. Then boiled and utilized water as herbal tea.
But if you want to process it into a healthyJuice to Lower Cholesterol and Uric Acid, you do not need to dry the bay leaves until dry. Simply boil the leaves are still fresh with water as necessary so that the content of natural substances in it can come out.

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